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Blue block

To block blue light and provide maximum UV protection.

Blue cut lens

1、 To block blue rays and provide maximum UV protection.

2、 Blue-cut functions

a、 Block by monomer: UV powder absorbs the blue-ray

b、 Block by coating: Coating for specific spectrum reflexes the blue-ray

3、 Effective Blue-cut

a、 Lens-blue cut by monomer. usually with preset UV 420, but actually UV 410 -415, to avoid yellowish substrate color by increasing the powder.

b、 The spectrum of blue ray is between 400-500nm. UV420 blue-cut can absorb rays below 420nm completely. UV value higher than UV420 is not effective to cut, block or absorb.

c、 The spectrum of blue ray, truly heavy harmful one, is between UV415-UV450. Therefore, it’s hard to realize blue-cut precisely, and effectively.

d、 The advantage of blue-cut coating is, to make your eyes more comfortable and uneasily fatigable, as it can cut/block reflex specific spectrum, base on blue-cut by monomer

4、 Difference between Blue coating and blue-cut coating

a、 Normal blue coating

b、 Blue-cut coating

c、 Low-reflective blue-cut coating

d、 The function of normal blue coating is to penetrate, which goes against precise block as blue-cut coating.

e、 Normal blue coating is soft and reflecting dimly. Blue-cut coating, reflecting more blue-ray, looks brighter and showier. More brighter, more reflection and cut/block. The reflection rate is suggested less than 35%.

f、 Low-reflective blue-cut coating is further upgrade on regular blue-cut coating. The blue color looks pure but less-reflective bright, aim to penetrate and reflex more precisely. This one would be even more demanding on design and production.

5、 The point for reflective coating is to control the color under strict standard.

Get the Best Quality Lenses from the Premier Blue Cut Lenses Manufacturer

Are you in search of some quality Blue Cut lenses? Then get them from the corporate prime-most blue cut lenses manufacturer of China, Jiangsu Swan Optical Co., Ltd. Blue cut lenses is a special coating which functions by reflecting high energy blue light and restraining it from entering into the eyes. The blue coating on the lenses or the blue cut lenses generally cuts the harmful portion of blue light and lets in the healthy portion of blue light to pass through the lenses of eyeglasses.

How the Blue-cut Lenses Helps?

These high-quality blue cut lenses made by the blue cut lenses manufacturer are designed to absorb anywhere from 10% to over 90% of blue light. This light is visible with high energy in the range of 380 nanometres to 495 nanometres. This also prevents color distortion. Wearing the blue cut lenses reduces the digital eye strain, which eventually normalizes the circadian rhythm and the risks of macular degeneration.

Top Reasons to Wear Glasses with Blue Cut Lenses

The following are few of the many critical reasons to wear eyeglasses with blue cut lenses made by the blue cut lenses manufacturer.

Relieves Eye Discomfort

The excessive use of phones and computers leads to vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Wearing glasses with blue cut coating technology improves your focus and minimizes eye strain. This also makes your eyes feel less tired, which eventually improves your productivity. It is better to take regular breaks from the screen, though.

Better Sleep Patterns

Wearing the blue cut lenses increases alertness and suspends the release of melatonin which eventually improves our negative sleep patterns. The high energy frequency of the blue cut lenses helps induce sleep as we usually spend our time in screens before sleep.

Reduces the Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

The blue cut lenses made by the blue cut lenses manufacturer also helps in avoiding or delaying the condition of Age-related Macular Degeneration by preventing blue light from impacting your eyes.






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